Monday, June 01, 2009

its all in there

I have long admired Helmut Newton's delicious black and white photos of sensual and erotic women, what i didn't realize was he was living and moving in the same haunts of Melbourne, he as a refuge, as I have the privilege to inhabit now. better still i have just discovered he was also a follower of the new objectivity, a movement that developed in Germany before world war II out of and in opposition to expressionism. Here was Helmut working away as a fashion photographer developing his skill and style at the same time the angry penguins where ramming expressionism justaposed with surrealism down the establishments through. Who said art was boring?

The point of my photography has always been to challenge myself, to go a little further than my Germanic discipline and Teutonic nature would traditionally permit me to.

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BillyWarhol said...

Rock On Dude!! Helmut Newton's Photographs / Art are all Amazing******** ;)) Peace*