Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Truth is the first casuality

Things may be already getting very nasty in Iran, these are just kids, and it is worth noting that a lot of mis-information may be already circulating, even on twitter and blogs.

Those still with net access will be working hard to get the truth out.

SO 2) don't dilute the conversations
2) those tweeting could be putting themselves in grave danger
2a) don't post ISP address or twitter names etc
2b) Become an honorary Iranian, this will overwhelm any clandestine attempt to locate tweeters by the Iranian "security" force (& the feared Basij malitia)
3) follow the hasthags like #iranelections or search for "where is my vote"
4) try to source your news from reliable source (eg SBS Australia's assessment of the situation)

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