Saturday, May 23, 2009

Public art is not immune

Seems it not just in cyberland that art is a little misunderstood, covered in grafiti spray, stolen and melted down (This allegedly happened to a Henry Moore sculpture) focus of public scorn or removed on health and safety grounds

The Art Fund, in London, recently hosted a debate entitled "Can The Public Be Trusted to Choose Public Art?"

Will true art become another causality of the cliches of fear an uncertainty that some call the global financial crisis? I hope not. I hope that artist make art despite what others tell them to do. But more importantly I hope that they can sell their art and not have it stolen, defaced, or degraded my indiscriminate exploitation.


Knitting Painter Woman said...

Have been browsing through your flickr posts. Some seem like art, and others seem "purient" for lack of a better word. No complaints, just wondering if YOU have specific, differeing intentions when you start painting.
Are you familiar with EDM (group at flickr and yahoo)? They get listed as "adult" and are no where near as explicit as you. HA! Happy painting.

Cyclone said...

hi knitting

I appreciate your comments.

i'm an old bloke ...way past being purient just for the sake of it (well I hope I am) I do know I have been considered NIPSA (Not Suitable for Public Areas) and UNSAFE on flickr for a long time .. yet I see so many other tasteless things there I have given up worrying about that.

I'm still learning about my art, its like a quest or
so I'm not surpised if i get of track occasionally, and do apprecite direction to find the trail. perhpas I need a muse?