Wednesday, July 04, 2007

twisted torso

This is a sketch for illustration friday's twisted topic sorry its a bit late!

I had read about anamorphosis some time ago, but an email conversation got me doing some left hand writing and thinking about left handed painting, then painting in a different dimension, so I researched this art form a bit on the net and found this wonderful place Art of Anamorphosis, and their is a gem of a little program inside that can be downloaded for free, called anamorph me, created by Phillip Kent, it let me create a perfectly twisted torso that you can "unfold"...actually you must fold it... and see the "true" torso sketch.

To make the image I fist took a photo of my friend from flickr and trimmed it a bit and ran it through the anamorph me program using first the convert to a greyscale (I only have access to an old black and white laser printer today) and then used the inside a cone anamorph function... printed the result... then cut it out and folded it into a cone...(note have a small tab on one side of the segment makes it easier to stick the cone together)... nothing special yet? I them copied this flat image as a pastel sketch and that is what you see above, print it cut it out and fold it for yourself... it contains a lovely surprise

OK turn the cone over and look inside!


aeneadellaluna said...

Cool idea! I'd like to see more twisted torsos!

arvindh said...

your procedure is very creative.