Wednesday, July 04, 2007

new toys.... how can i resist

Blogger if offering its "new adaptors" a chance to to have a play with some new toys in blogger (well its being called blogger in draft)... but who am i to resist... the one thing that appealed to moi... was polls, being able to add polls as page elements... so look over on the stuff on the right hand side and give it a GO! Please....

I am getting a bit feed up with the good stuff on the net always being overrun with bullies, cowboys, trolls and childish behaviour... I really see the social networking side of the net being a great thing for the true creative spirit... somewhere where they are free to flourish, and collaborate, and do brilliant things, and some good things... maybe do a few things that aren't so good but without hurting anyone.. so where is that place... VOTE NOW (its over in the right handside remember)

Am I being too naive?

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