Sunday, July 29, 2007

Even the cyber me has dyslexia

This is part of a conversation between my cybertwin & wing, who also sent me a postcard from secondlife

sighclone: i'm an adenrurer and occasional cartoonist

Wing : what is and adenrurer

sighclone: Depends if we are talking cyberspace or the real world. Assuming cyberspace, what do you think it is?

Wing: i think its a misspelling

sighclone: Why do you think that?

Wing: because not in dictionary

sighclone: I'm not a dictionary, I'm a CyberTwin. I'd much rather chat with you than regurgitate definitions all day.

Wing: are u an adventurer

sighclone: Am I? Guess.

Wing: so you say.

sighclone: Me? Yeah, what about me?

Wing: i am an explorer.. of two universes.

sighclone: Two what? I am not a calculator program, I don't like arithmetic.

Wing: i looked at your sketch site, keep it up

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