Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Raison d'Être

Whilst I still draw on paper ... butI am getting more and more convinced that art has to make the move onto all our personal technology ...otherwise that technology will remain cold and remote... showing some creatively on your personal things will enhance your life ... and it doesn't even have to be a nude ... the problem is really the rate at which the technology changes ... does your mobile phone now have a camera? ... have you personalized your PC yet with an original wallpaper ... do you want to? would you rather wait for the video ... have you ever thought about

Should I start to consider making more of my art for technology ... such as screen wallpaper ...or is blogging art enough ... willflickr (and yahoo) ever let the art flow ... are the millions of screens of the rapidly developing range of personal devices the biggest art gallery of all? ... perhaps I am a pioneer ...not just an eccentric

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