Thursday, April 19, 2007

Art for Arts Sake

Art for Arts sake
Originally uploaded by big al davies.
I guess this is not a big deal for a lot of my more net & flickr savvy friends ... but I have just at some good fun typing simple quotes into the flickr search everyone's photo box at the top the the flickr page ... for example art for art sake got this great photo and a lot of others

So I have decided that I might make a visual &/or musical quote search a regular feature on the blog ... hope I don't bore you all to quickly

I also wanted to add the sond art for art sake by 10cc, but i could not locate anything on and you will only get a scrobbled snippet from On Utube the only thing remotely like the song was by the Bon Fuher ...which was a very hopeless attempt at sing really and being dress like hilter is way.... not now or every was... sorry that was so bad I won't bore you with that clip ... so please make do with the scrobbled bit from

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