Thursday, April 19, 2007

armed & dangerous

If you see an old bloke in a cyber cafe armed with a handful of electronic thingos, and a sketch book, and maybe drinking a short black (espresso to the coffee heathens) don't be alarmed he will probably be harmless old me ... i've decided to downsize my hardware... an particularly get rid of all the bloody cables... I've been puting my best art on my ipod for a while now and it now has a great gallery, with a wicked miles davis soundtrack... my phone is filling with art as well ... it is web aware so i can email and even find myself on google maps ... the orange thing is amazing its the new Australia next G network wireless broadband modem, on a USB plug... works anywhere my phone does... but the best bit is on the memory stick... I've moved over to using portable apps ... and it was painless.... i can now have my own same old work space, favourites, bookmarks and all and software on any computer that takes the USB plug... even crappy old cyber cafe 'puters.

Whilst I am deeply saddened to hear about the Virgina Tech massacre, ... it doesn't surprise me ... guns kill people an Australian I know gun control people works ... those folk in the USA please look at the stats you are far more likely to be shot my someone you know, because they have easy access to a gun when they get annoyed. Remove that access and you will stay alive! ... but your president says it better than me

Mr Bush: "It was just a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time"

(UNHEARD part of the interview ---

Reporter: "And what place was that Mr. President?"

Mr Bush: (looks blank for a while) "Errr ....America" )

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