Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Yikes! ..I'm a Discordian

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Today is a great day for conspiracy theories...(06-06-2006)... but thats onlt the beginning of it... i was minding my own business, well discussing an upcoming collabortative artist's manifesto for net real artistist.. I have been boring others with this a lot lately (it will be blogged about soon enough so don't panic)... when I was confronted with the angry retort "You're just a discordinan and don't know it"... well I didn't know if i was, so i asked politely while ducking punches... a delightfully attractive witness in the coffee shop later slipped me this link
scibbed on the back of a scrap of pink paper that read
[a discordian is] one who likes to wear emperor norton’s old clothes

emperor norton... that sounds nice... unfortunately he was a famous madman in san franciso... not me

but I have been in search of the goddess for a long time now... so maybe i am... a discordian and don't know it

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