Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Artist inspired Art

I have been able to collate a lot.... and their is a lot... of my sketching development over the past 5 years recently... these sketches are amongst the oldest sketches i have... they were all done from life in dark low lit places late a night... but the important thingh is they inspired me to do more than illustrative cartoon.... which lead to experimenting with different media... and even to begin this adventure following gaugain's bold objective "à la recherche decstasy, de calme, et lart."

1. strippers07s, 2. stripper05, 3. stripper04s, 4. Stripper03s, 5. More Lush Girls 23, 6. More Lush Girls 22, 7. More Lush Girls 21, 8. More Lush Girls 20, 9. the stripper, 10. more girls that work at night, 11. lush016, 12. lush015

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