Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Collabortative Internet Art Monifesto

We propose to create a collaborative set of internet art works, that include many people's contributing at different levels (or layers) to each work.

This art will prove that the internet does not just spawn plagiarism, copyist celebrity, and the boredom of me_to'ism, that there is room of creativity, originality and life.

The final art must be the collaborative work of more than one person (ie a composite image of some form, like a mosaic or collage). It may be inspired or even closely based on an existing art work, but all the contributed components must be ORIGINAL. The final art work belongs to all the contributors and be covered under kopyleft so they can be published for free into the internets public domain

... if you use flickr consider joining CAF [Collaborative Art on Flickr]

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