Thursday, April 20, 2006

post modern sex... some light relief

I'm getting pretty jaded about all the "me to" celebrities (that are not) on flickr, yahoo and much of the blogsphere... self publishing has not unlocked originality it has just expanded conformity...

well there are original folk out there and I think I should spend at least one post a month promoting that originality.... so here goes... I happened upon a great podcast series... I'm getting quiet fond of podcasts, they let you listen to what you want when you want... but this is a very unique podcast by a self confessed geek, and all about post modern sex... it is honest and simply great.. showing that there is a big difference between appreciating real sexuality and the total boredom that pornographers want you to pay for, or what the "me too" celebrity thinks will gain then fame

Marie B does need a bit of cyber clicking support... please visit her site, listen to a podcast or two and then vote for her on podcast alley... We need more originality on the net

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