Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Barmaids - May cover comes a little early

Barmaids - May cover
Originally uploaded by sigh clone.
Photo by Tantek
The idea of using "faux" magazine covers as link to buttons on the right hand side... has certainly tidied up my blog layout... well i'm pleased with it at least and i'm seeting up this a it early as I am planning a phine and internet free R&R period for myself (I deserve it I've been travelling)

It has also been had a great benefit in posting the covers... as a reall nice way to promote the barmaids group in flickr...

so guys (and girls if you want to promote yourself) next time you are out use that fancy new phone camera you have just procured and post your favourite barmaid's photo, if you don't have such a phone yet... grab someone else's... they are only talking on it to impress you anyway

yes you can email into flickr directly from most recent camera phones

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