Saturday, April 22, 2006

Gmail and travelling

the chain mail starts
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I must admit i like gmail it is simple it doesn't require me being well orgainsed (a big plus) and it works from almost any cyber cafe... so it is great for travellers

The only trouble is the massive capacity it gives you i now have over 1000 unread emails... its not that I ingore people its just that I gave up looking at chain mail (particularly the ones with FWD: at the front of the subject line)... there are two reasons I'm paying for the time when I'm in a cyber cafe and that cute cat that goes meow probably cost me a couple of dollars and considerable frustration... secondly a lot of the images aren't feline pussies and they might offend the other cafe patrons... so i seldom read what looks like a chain mail or multi-forwarded post... so don't be dissapointed when i break the chain... that is the reality of living in low bandwidth zones

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