Saturday, November 27, 2004

Why originality is so important

Yesterday was really hot in melbourne and I had a very productive day... cleaning and sealing an outdoor deck... lots of sketching.... but also lots of frustration with Yahoo and my web cam... and the bootings... so frustrating yet I always go back for more... does that make someone that should be in the B&D`fetish rooms... i nhope not...

Well my theory is I have found some real treasures in the BBW models I have sketched and been encouraged by.... and most importantly we are all having fun.... well mostly... there are a few pained expressions... but what I am doing is still original and helping me find a technique and style that I'm proud of... So THANK YOU girls

Des looking very elegant Posted by Hello

Thos was originally a lot heavier (with more graphite blacks) but I wanted to show the elegance of Des so I hit this one with a rubber and I am pleased with the outcome.

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