Friday, December 10, 2004

cycles & ticking over...

it is funny how life is a series of cycles... and for me they are never planned... you see i had planned to do a lot of sketching over the next week or so... instead i am doing lots of errands and researching how to save money on what remains to be done at my beach house... AND training for the big race! ...yes I got offered a place in the sydney hobart race... for those that don't know me well thats a really big deal... i was a little disheartened earlier as i was cut from the crew of last years very successful team... reason..? ...probably i weight too much... anyway the swing and roundabouts are still working.

the other thing that has surprise me is the amount of traffic this humble blog is getting... thanks folks... keep that counter ticking over with a return visit from time to time... and don't be afraid to leave comments (nice friendly ones preferably, and any ideas to improve this place will be very welcome)

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