Tuesday, December 21, 2004

House keeping in cyberspace

I don't know if you noticed but the number of daily visitors has significantly increased... unfortunately it is not due to my fame, or talent... just that I have put this web address in two web log directories blogwise & blogarama.. the are kind of like the yellow pages for all the personal outpouring that is web logging... sadly there is not an originality category... then again there aren't many original web logs.. if you are interested in what complete strangers are thinking and doing try looking up subjects that interest you and enrich your day...

another helper i have for this site is a software robot called blogbot, from hello, it/he helps me find scanned sketches and uploaded them to the blogspot site... the best bit is he, and I'm sure he's a he... 'cause he says so little... the best bit is he write the html code to display with a lower resolution version displayed on the blog but a higher resolution version behind it.

you simply need to click on an image you like and you can will see a higher resolution version displayed

I was joking about the house keeping chores, i like web logging.. with a few little automated helpers it takes care of itself and doesn't take up room in my kit bag.

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