Monday, March 26, 2012

so long since I posted

I know it is a very long time since i have posted anything (or even been on-line much). I had an accident and that took a lot of wind out of my sails and infact left me a little unsure or myself, where to put that line what colour goes here. The stong tonality of the world seem less distinct and harder to grasp. So I lost touch with the discipline of sketching each day. The putting pencil to papaer became hard and what I produced was so ordinary, most are in the bin. This sis just to show the depths I reached.

Anyway this weekend I Think I saw the light (ok it was rainy and overcasy, and cold) but I started to see the colours and "see" drawing even before I could put it to paper. So please come back and watch my art return.

One other aspect of being away, and having hacker hassles is some of the services and Images I had posted here have been suspended (not my fault) and.or the images removed. I will start to fix the links that are lost and broken but please be patient it will take me a while.

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