Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thinking too much

I am about to die, not tomorrow, not next week but some time. The trouble is I'm loosing little bits of what life is about and that worries me a lot more. I think it is so important to live life to the full. Sometimes I need to do the living on my own so I can focus on creative stuff. Other times I need to be surrounded by company, preferable the amiable encouraging kind ... but a good argument never hurt anyone the moment I seem to be getting a lot of flack about living on the net ...being too social ...letting my "bad habit" be viewed by the world (sketching naked ladies is not in my view a bad habit, posting it on a blog might be what offends them so?) ... and laughter, what a joy a group laugh can be. ...but I do need to live on the edge occasionally too ...take a risk, back my own judgment ...sometimes it is my art ...sometimes its the ocean it may be my health, such is life

I am not an adventurer by choice but by fate
Vincent Van Gogh

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carlos de la parra said...

Nothing wrong with nudity.
We were born naked,and the body can be beautiful with good upkeep,or funny,or freaky.It's part of the variety of life,like anything else.As far as living life to the fullest,this is your show,but it's important also to be able to find happiness when nothing happens,if you can.