Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Appropriation or Plagiarism

Adam Pynacker
Sam Leach

The Art news that Melbourne is a buzz with this week is the discovery that Sam Leach, a local Melbourne boy, and winner of the prestigious Wynn Prize for Landscape, was outed for copying. No one realized how heavily he had borrowed from the 1660 work Boatmen Moored on the Shore of a Lake by Dutch master Adam Pynacker. Leach makes no attempt to deny he was "influenced", the gallery says they didn't realise. but the tongues are wagging on radio and TV, plagiarist rather than appropriation!

Yet it is hard to be totally original, some of the best art is built of previous ideas and works.

Good artists borrow. Great artists steal.
(Pablo Picasso)

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magicreation said...

its like the Tarantino of painters!