Friday, June 06, 2008

what the?

I have been thinking about my foot prints ... on the environment.. on the net ... on other people's lives ....on myself ... you see I secretly yearn to be at one with my surroundings... a useful past of the furniture ... someone who knows and encourages beauty ... but definitely doesn't create a hassle... wastage ...mess ... conflict ... drama (especially the emotional ones ...and to that end I long ago stopped blogging about my day to day life)... this place is just about inspiration and art ... anyway I had seriously contemplated reducing the number of groups and sites I belong to on the net. Which should I stay with and which should I pull out of? its a hard question... hadn't quite got started but had already penciled in blogger flickr and twitter ... so what are all these errors today about?
error on blogger
error on twitter
warning to back away on flickr
Have I offended one of the net gods?

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