Monday, September 24, 2007

where are the bobos?

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No its not a typo in the title... For some time now i have been called the "bourgeois bohemian"... with a specific single handed double quotes gesture... I was starting to think of it as some kind of award...I thought it was because I always ask, "where are the bohemians?", as a rather stale attempt at party conversation that has since become a bit of a habit. I do actually like interacting with the true bohemians... they are always interesting and passionate and couldn't care less about money and other social conventions... they are people that i find it easy to like... even when, or maybe because they commit worse fashion crimes than I... anyway i now discover that I am actually supposed to be a BOBO (as in Bourgeois Bohemians) and that term comes from a recent book called "BOBOS in Paradise"... it is well written and I am having a laugh, because I recognize so many of the characteristics of the idle rich who yearn to be BOBOs... so know I will be asking "show me to the poor bohemians"

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