Saturday, September 29, 2007

belated party feed

A twitter feed of AFL news

Its the last saturday in september and I'm hosting a "not really a grandfinal" party, this afternoon, there is music and videos inside for te anti-AFLtypes, but I wanted to have a place out on the balcony... (not for the smokers... they were not invited and anyone my age who smoked is already dead anyway) but for those who simply must be kept in the loop... so I had the idea of looking on twitter and fortunately their is an AFLBOT which I can put on an old TV screen... for the more keyboard obsessed there is also the aflcast which points you to breaking afl news and other related netfeeds.... if your don't know what AFL is? too bad!

Was a good idea but didn't work out... ended up getting the audio of the ABC Grandstand coverage

Congratulations to the cats.

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