Monday, May 07, 2007

soft 25 hours of flickr (the rejects)

soft 25 hours
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Yes this is heavily based on Dali's persistence of memory (better known as the soft clocks) ... i had been invited to the 24 hours of flickr rejects group and realised I had missed the whole thing due to other things taking my full attention on saturday... when i noticed they just had a black icon (at least it wasn't an undefined grey bot) ...and the whole time draped over the tree of life thing hit me ...

By first I must set the scene, I'm having a late night coffee in a cyber cafe and I didn't have much at all to create with... certainly no art gear ...well expect a felt pen... so i scribbled the back of a flyer. Instead of digitizing.. I photographed it on my phone ... uploaded it using bluetooth (with about 5 minutes of frustration in the process) then found the usb port on the cafe computer, and plugged in my memory stick ... with it's portable apps system and specifically gimp.. converted the image to black & white, with a couple of bits to edit and then colour fill ...viola, about 10 minute later my idea is on flickr and uploaded as the group logo overnight...

not bad for an old bloke ...I have even impressed my self

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