Thursday, May 10, 2007

The sketch book is dead ... long live the sketch book

as part of stream-lining my on-line existence (trying to get rid of the time consuming bits and stuff that just waste bandwidth) ... i've decide to kill off my original sketchbook ... its not actually the original which was in MSN groups but they threw it over to world groups because it had NUDES ... yes people without clothes ... no one had visited it for years so its gone... but that leaves a big hole since flickr only has my recent work so i'm working on a more refined sketch book using googles picassa web albums and a version on my notebook to managed the big mess that is my electronic scapbook of my work ... so softly ...softly I will create some on-line albums with my earlier images this blog for links there ... BUT remember there may be NUDITY!

Nudes & Torsos

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