Thursday, March 15, 2007

more pastel work

Soft Patel on paper

I must admit I am rather proud of this sketch... I feel I am getting to know how I can "paint" with pastels... Its not all that dissimilar to using watercolour... you can byuild a richer look using one colour ontop of another, for example the pink over the orche looks natural... and the orange over brown takes on the glow of hair... a big advantage of the soft pastels is that, with care, you can draw in highlights over darks (something impossible in watercolour washes)... se the reflection on gemma's glasses... my progress my be slow but i think I am understanding that you must npt only seethe shapes and tones but also how they can be built up.

This is based on this photo of a flickr friend mad gemma... I loved the coy look and great composition... so half the artistic challenges were already solved in her photo.

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