Friday, January 26, 2007

A Funbag Art Calendar

I know it has taken a while, but here is my second calendar for the funbag fascinatio group on flickr...

This one is an all art affair.. whilst a lot of the work is mine and mainly pastel (again) there is original art by Jo Co and Anthony Billings... I like this calendar it has sass... again it is a do it yourself calanedar (see instructions at the bottom of this post) You will see these calendar pages (and others) on the right hand sidebar throughout this year... These two calendars took a while to create and organize approval... but I hope they are both very origional and worthwhile

calendar 01 january 2007 calendar 02 February 2007

calendar 03 march 2007 calendar 04 april 2007

calendar 05 may 2007 calendar 06 june 2007

calendar 07 july 2007 calendar 08 august 2007

calendar 09 sept 2007 calendar 10 october 2007

calendar 11 november 2007 calendar 12 december 2007


This is DIY (do it yourself) calendar, and only for personal use (see the copyright and wrong discussion at the bottom of the right-hand side column.

First click through on each image (you will get through to flickr were they are stored) and the select all sizes, and get the largest size images (they are all 710 by 710 pixels, this is 12cm at 150dpi and matched a CD jewel case size), download to your computer and print them out. The instructions to assemble your calendar can be found here

fd's flickr toys where used to make this calendar.

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