Wednesday, January 10, 2007

a calendar project

after a very little encouragement from billy warhol... I have decided to create two different "glamour" calendars for the flickr group i moderate called "the funbag fascination". This is the first, shown here,the "The cleavage gourmet", is based on some of the best cleavage photo submitted. Because I am having a private no fakers campaign I only selected what I considered were genuine photos and I am very pleased with the results.

calendar jan 07  by sekycalendar feb 07  by cleveland
Calendar March 2007 by Billy Warhol Calendar April 2007 by miss cleopatra
Calendar May 2006 by dahlia xxxCalendar June 2007 by Anthony Billings Art
Calendar July 2007 by the ding dong showCalendar August 2007 by paperballet
Calendar september 2007 by sally & bartOctober 2007 by deutschrockgirl1966
Calendar November 2007 by mad gemmaCalendar December 2007 by lensENVY


This is DIY (do it yourself) calendar, and only for personal use (see the copyright and wrong discussion at the bottom of the right-hand side column.

First click through on each image and the select all sizes, and get the largest size images (they are all 710 by 710 pixels, this is 12cm at 150dpi and matched a CD jewel case size), download to your computer and print them out. The instructions to assemble your calendar can be found here

fd's flickr toys where used to make this calendar and to the best of my knowledge no boobs where harmed in the making of this calendar.

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