Thursday, November 02, 2006

Many more returns?

I was looking at the my blog traffic statistics tonight and I realised my demographic (whatever that is) has changed... I used to get about 40-50% return visits... in other words I had a loyal readership that dropped by from time to time... now I have hardly any return visitors... am I boring you? Please tell me if I am... and that's changed as well... hardly anyone leaves comments anymore... is that more evidence that I am not interesting... NAH! Its probably to do with the extra word game you have to now do to post your comments (which is designed to stop the comment spamming bots)... well i hope it is.

Maybe its the new layout... in blogger beta... which I like by the way... am I drifting away from original task to explore my art... and inspirations.... do you want more BBW ladies? More meaningless waffle. Are you scared away but all the flickríng. Don't be affraid to let me know what will make you return

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