Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The joy of art

Watercolour on paper (some pencil & neocolour crayon overworking)

I for one firmly believe it is wrong to label any nude, pornography, just because it is a nude.... especially I get depressed when anything nude on the net... is seen as stocking

nudity is a very natural state and I fear that the nude in art is being tarished by unjustified woserism... why? No idea... I'm also getting a biy weary of the stereo type that to be art a nude must be so abstract... so high contrast.... so disspassionat.... that you hardly recognise it as human in inspiration... its time to have passion and joy back in nude art.... models can be happy, cheecky and even flirtive....

Having said all that I do think filtering of "mature content" or warning that there may be "some nudity" are worthwhile options to help parents and reduce the chance that nudity will be forced onto children... but at the same time I realise an adolescent that really wants to will find nudes.... it the library... in art galleries as well as on the net

But for those of us, a little more grown up, who want to celebrate life... where do we look... back into art history... do we still find it in niave or folks art... or like gauguin must we travel to far off lands trying to discover the primative art... I think not collectively a little more understanding of beauty and not instant celebrity and self absorption may let it be found on the net alredy... I trust this is one place that beauty can flourish

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