Thursday, October 06, 2005

my (virtual) publishing empire

Issue 2, originally uploaded by sigh clone.

reflecting on my journey into blogging over the past year or so... i started thinking of the places I have been (both on the net and in the real world) and just how many remote places I have sent posts from... then i realised how much I had learnt and just what a powerful tool... well tools kit, since their are several individual tools... i had manage to build up for myself... i don't pretend to know much about computers... but I certailny now have a very real and power private publishing empire at my command. some parts are still not quite contributing and a few self opioinated little hypocrites in flickr I could do without... yet i can see real progress

Am I using it wisely?

well i think I am... art and beauty, specifically of real sized & big beautiful women... needs to be viewed, that is the easy bit... I trust I am doing that honestly and tastefully

now I guess the next challenge will be to earn some money with this publishing empire.

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