Thursday, September 22, 2005

re-tooling the template... (Again)

i have to admit that i'm starting to get overwhelmed by whom ever is posting spam to my blog... i just deleted them by the way... the secure template was also stopping legitamate commenst.... sorry to those affected

Anyway its back to the basics again.... sorry to any regular readers of this blog... about of the formating problems and changes... any if any of you know about these things i'd love some advice


appaloosa said...


I have to say, I like this layout much better than the previous one


P.S. Have you checked out other blog sites, such as ?

click girl said...

Sorry Nort but this template is way to conservative for you. (I am serious)

Cyclone said...

0ok how do i get more radical... withintoo much effort?

click girl said...

Email or IM me