Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Don't get too excited...

If Beale Street Could Talk...
Originally uploaded by ChicagoEye.
Don't get excited... look closely they are not real... but this photo is very good all the same... great composition & tonal range

i must admit i have been neglecting my moderation tasks at flickr.... its just that there are so many boring "look at me" types... trolls... and opinionated wanna bees, I was simply getting tired of it.... glad to see a new group pop up... who could ignore an invite like this

Think your wonderful nudes can pass muster under the critical eye of your fellow flickrees and flickrettes?

Then come join us over at the DeleteMe-the NUDE ART group pool:

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appaloosa said...

Nort.. thanks for the nod.

I fear your contribution to the group pool may not be for long... because most of the morons there have such a narrow-minded concept of what constitutes an "art nude".

Yes, it's nice to see the human form celebrated in photographic rendition, but photography is not the only medium to express nudity.

I'm really hoping that this group takes off - and that members will soon be able to discern quality and originality from just the mediocre and sensationalistic.

And I'm *really* hoping to see a broad cross-section of nudes; from older (50s and 60s, even 80s)male nudes, pregnant women, the old, the wrinkled, the hairy, the potbellied, etc - and everything in between - not just your atypical lean and mean, 6-pack abs or perfect female form types etc (I find these so boring, stereotypical and unoriginal). I think the essence of nude photography is to showcase the human form in ALL it's aspects, shapes and sizes, etc.

I have high hopes for this group - and I hope it can reach these goals.

Your FLICKR friend,