Wednesday, March 23, 2005

dark, darker, darkest

I've been using my old trusty 4B graphite pencils a lot lately... especially for quick sketches... they can create very stong darks even when rubbed in... I loved truely's delicate & pretty face framed in her hair and top so I just went for it... hatching in shadow... getting it very dark compared with her facial features... i didn't have much time to do the sketch, so the line work in the darks is still rough but i don't think that matters...'

by the way... i'd love to see more feedback in the form of comments again... tell me what you like (or don't like)

ruby red is truey very pretty

LATE NEWS... one of my friends down in australia has a bad accident today... so once again I'm packing my bag and boarding a plane... i'm starting to have difficulty keeping up with myself actually

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