Monday, August 02, 2010


Checking around the photo "hosting" sites, like twitpic, yfrogger, ...etc and reading all the "fine print" in the terms of use is pretty obvious that many sites now consider nudity offensive and not to be posted! ...some still say pornographic, but most now just use the words nudity or nude!

BUT that is not the real shock ...the real issues is in the "fine print" that might try to suggest that the owner is responsible for the content and it must be his own (ie they is the copyright holder)

and it is very legally worded when you post anything you are given them (and anyone they want to share it with the right to use your image "royalty free"

Art ...orginal art not welcome ...I'm getting the message


Pcwtipsarn said...

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Cyclone said...

Glad to read your comments mate...BUT being a young guy your parents may not appreciate you viewing my blog. I know my nude stuff is good art, yet sometimes such nudity gets parents hot under the collars.

Having said all that work is the perfect example to ask your parents if they mind looking at nudes. Or even start a discussion about what is art and what they might consider porn (or unsuitable)?