Wednesday, July 28, 2010

dark torso

I've started to find my own way to work in corel painter essential ...I like to start with a little bit of "borrowed" colour into a quick background wash,(broad wash brush) then add a few tiny little details (using the edge cloner brush) or just tracing some free and easy fine lines (using the 2B pencil brush and purple colour) and splash or two on the nipples for interest. Still not quiet 2 minutes but getting faster and freer. Hard to image it is done on the computer ...or am I pulling my own leg?


Mickayel said...

Your computer done sketches reminded me alot of Alex Kanevsky. Have you heard of him. I think you would like his stuff. His website is at

- micka

Cyclone said...

no didn't know of alex, I particularly likes his waves series thanks for that mickayel and check out alex's work folks