Wednesday, May 26, 2010

interviewing me!

blog has interviewed me kidding ...well i filled out their questions and you can read it spelling mistakes and all here. They rate themselves as a behind the scenes look at the web best bloggers ...some of their other interviews are fairly insightful also (eg rick green's organized doodles is worth a look). I'm just a little puzzled why i ended up in the photography section with an adult rating!

...oh that's right I sketch nudes!


One Woman's Thoughts said...

I am attracted to works of art, as in your work, of real people. I enjoy the "seemingly" casual way you were able to capture your model's personality.
Besides that, I had to smile at your choice of favorite movies. Harold and Maude. That took me back, thanks for the smiles.

Cyclone said...

thanks for the nice words, I'm a tad obsessed by what I call candid art... that seemingly causal way mentioned is something I am striving to find in my figure and portait work ain't easy ...but I noticed it first in the my watercolours and I suspect it is mainly in the right graduations tone of the underpainting and shadows! anyway watch the blog & see me practise :)