Saturday, February 06, 2010

with a little help from ipernity

the pink bra
This is my first attempt at a blog post images directly from Ipernity ...why? Well Ipernity if a lot like flickr but at least so far doesn't have quite the same shame you, because you post nudity, attitude as Flickr ... maybe thats because it is essentially europian and more grown up ...maybe the trolls that ruined flickr with stolen pornsite images haven't found their way to ipernity yet matter there is a chance I can once more be publically viewed and my links won't be blocked if you are bored with flickr stick around and I will give you an artist opinion of how it find it in some future posts

DON'T PANIC if i have sketched you and posted that only on flickr, it will be safe from me ...I'll keep my flickr presence. If you prefer the image removed, also let me know and better still tell me if you prefer it also posted in ipernity

1 comment:

Judy Lewd said...

awesome! that's so good to know, i've been pulling my hair out trying to find a photo share that isn't going to ban me right from the get go