Thursday, November 19, 2009

changing scanners

my long suffering scanner died yesterday... in an acrid flash of something electronically amiss it breathed a last vile breath and just stopped .... we never really got along ..she, I called my scanner a she, she always kept me wondering what my image would turn out like ... too dark, too litle, crinkle marks, not eogh contrast ... no matter whoi adjusted the control she would still just always insist on the last word and over tweek something ... ok i found her infuriating ...BUT I had grown accustomed to her face

So soon i have to learn to use another mistress ...just fpr now I'm making do with a multi-function printer that will do some basic scanning, ok scans quiet well and without the fuss

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Jodi Dickhaut said...

ROFL, my scanner is the same way, it can't even pick up fine lines from a micron, and if you push down on it it blurs the image completely...
but at least now you can upgrade with out making it feel bad :)
I love your work on here, I love working with nudes as well. I will be posting some of my photographs, very classy stuff, of nudes up on my blog shortly... maybe you have inspired me to do it today :)