Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The problems of our digital common

I found this article on the future of the digital common in a tweet from chrisbrogan

I have been worried for a while that all the popular Web 2.0 sites get quickly overwhelmed with the ME-TOO celebrity WANNA-BEES that just copy ... so little originality and creavitity anymore ... the masses have taken over, filled up the space and wasted it and the bandwidth to look around ...then behind that there is the wild west style mentality of self importance and greed... the digital prairies are free and now they are mine ... so i'm a little worried about how innovation and culture are going to survive or is the net going to become the ultimate in New Reality TV (reality TV is of course not reality but is contrived to look like what the produces want o show as reality)... do we want this?

But i am not in favour of locking away content and establishing restrictive copyrighist mechanism that transfers the profit from the artist, innovators and creators into the hand of the few "media" owners ... look at the music industry and the syndication of cartoons.. only the most famous artists have benefited ... so i like the copyleft idea and I would rather have my work displayed in on-line galleries on the digital common ... i hope that isn't destined to soon be a thing of the past

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