Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bullying & throwing out the baby with the bath water

seems like a lot of folk are getting a bit over excited and carried away now with the censorship issues over on flickr... (see also my earlier blog)

I think the flickr self-filters are a good thing, they do give you the freedom to express yourself, but act responsibly.... my worry is about all those that try to impose their will on others and there has been a lot of unnecessary name calling and bullying... here is just one example

Originally uploaded by Sassy Fox
this guy doesn't deserve to be recognized, because he seems to be a campaigners for the rights to express and make our own judgment and yet he has so many images that have been taken from others, time to grow up mate... and as for calling, those that point this out names, well that is totally childish and bullying is not acceptable behavior for creative folk... delete yourself or tantric one (you wish)! not the groups you have gained control of.

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Sassee said...

Great cartoon and commentary Nort~

I wonder if this tantric speaks to his mother like this. I noticed he has a small following and that is not at all a difficult thing to do; that is finding others who enjoy women bashing and trying to provoke gentlemen to anger.

My father once said “A small man can be a giant and a hero in the eyes of true friends for they will lift him up; otherwise he is just a noise from beneath a rock”.

I am beginning to understand his words