Saturday, October 14, 2006

thieves and other morons

Seems there has been a lot of childish behavior over at stolen pictures and it is now in its third incarnation as stop thief... being belligerent with trolls... fakes and sock puppets... who thinks up these terms?... is generally a pointless exercise... they tend to be vindictive and self obsessed... in other words they aren't going to listen the inevitable outcome is a pointless flame war

It seems they are pretty easily identified on flickr because they 1) don't shown there face on there buddy icon (buggar I only have a sketch... but it is of me) 2) don't have any pictures in there photos stream... or worst they have other peoples pictures... so the renewed stop thief group want an icon... should be easy... then I came across a nifty tool or applette of whatever that makes Bling text... mainly its for myspace but clearly it works here as well

MySpace Bling Text Maker

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