Wednesday, September 13, 2006

accidents & progress

Originally uploaded by sigh clone.
Sometimes art is relaxing... sometimes stressful for example this preliminary is a wash for a portrait of kelsi... The trouble is with such an angelic result I am to scared to do any further work on this one!

So I'm coming to the view that my trial and error approach to watercolour is ok.... sometimes the wash captures what I want and sometimes it doesn't... no one needs to see the failures... so all i need to do really is keep painting... looking for the glow... the tonal gradation... the right colour... the little infections an highlights that let me "see" the personality of the sitter... all this things are way superior to slavishly copying the detail from a photo... ignore the lines follow the tone... I think i am getting places in my journey... its just that i wish that could be more than accidents and coincidences

this is my first post from flickr via the new "enhanced interface" to blooger beta... worked like a charm... so there is lttle excuse not to post.... now all i need to hope for is similar improvement in reliability for yahoo messanger... or is that to much to ask?

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