Thursday, August 24, 2006

sophi's choice

I like to champion originality and creativity on the net... i worry it seems to be waning... BUT I came across carolyn's great website art for engineers... don't be discouraged by the title (ok some of you guys might have got excited, but put your tools away... ok the screwdiver & spanners) its well worth a slow and considered viewing

Carolyn's lines are beautifully sensual, and simple... yet strong & passionate, but it is her use of colour and control over watercolour that is amazing, very translucent and perfect for her art that weaves in and out of various erotica themes...and poetry... (she even uses lots of ellipsis... like me! which I am lead to believe shows she has faith in her readers)... you can even own her work at very reasonable prices.... he most compelling reason to visit her site, is her own admission "I'm just a lady who loves to draw too. ;)"

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