Friday, July 07, 2006

Damsel in distress

I must admit I still don't know what a metawhore is... but it is sad to see one in ditress... especially when she seems so original and may i say honest and natural about sexual issues.... but it seems she has also been violated by the childnish side of the on-line community and her blogger template "hacked".... if you like Magdelena's work send her some encouragement

is there a conspiracy here, in the blogsphere, by a dark force wanting to control, and then make us pay to view anything that has SEX or NUDE in the keywords... or is it just childish behaviour?

Any regular readers will remember my angst when my sites where mucked up. That taught to me ignore the self optionated and ignorant... even when they play childish hacking games... I can still to see the beauty in my art, naked or not... such is life (C'est la vie)

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magdelena said...


Bless you, this is such a kind gesture. You've encouraged me to answer the 'what is a metawhore?' question so please pop over and take a look. I'll delve the subject more fully at some point, when I'm done 'moving house'

Thank you for your support, and your inspiration.

sweet kisses,